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Private Desert [Deserto Particular] 15 rating

While sparks fly with the possibilities of virtual romance, are Daniel and Sara really prepared for a relationship in the real world?

Drama 2021 121 mins

Director: Aly Muritiba


Daniel feels dejected after being suspended from the police following a violent outburst. His only joy lies in messaging Sara, whom he has fallen for online. When she stops replying, he abandons all responsibilities, driving for days to find her and sweep her off her feet. Along the way he makes many hot-headed wrong turns, while the film’s action switches to Sara’s perspective. Exploring her gender identity, she is unsure how best to come out to Daniel now that he appears before her, in the flesh.

Ultimately a love story, Aly Muritiba’s impressive drama, which was Brazil’s submission for Best International Feature at the 2022 Academy Awards, thoughtfully deconstructs some of the extreme machismo and transphobia present in its country’s society.