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Night Will Fall 15 rating

An unforgettable, compelling account of the production and subsequent restoration of a withheld film recording the liberation of Nazi concentration camps in 1945.

Documentary 2014 75 mins

Director: André Singer



70 years ago the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps was filmed by Allied soldiers, but the results were shelved. In 2014 this momentous footage has finally been restored by the Imperial War Museum, inspiring award-winning director André Singer (The Act of Killing) to retrace the production of this extraordinary unseen film.

Recounting the origins of the project, initiated by the Ministry of Information’s Sidney Bernstein with collaborators including Alfred Hitchcock, Singer’s film utilises extensive footage from the resulting film Nazi Concentration Survey 1945, along with revealing eyewitness interviews, to recount the incredible story of a hugely significant historical record and its lost legacy. Night Will Fall is both an unforgettable document of the holocaust and a compelling story of filmmaking endeavour achieved in the most challenging of logistical and political environments.