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Men against the Sun PG rating

Marauding lions, wild rhinos and deadly slave traders wait on the dangerous trail from Mombasa to Uganda

Period drama 1953 57 mins Silent

Director: Brendan J. Stafford


Mombasa, 1890. Hawker, an engineer and adventurer, is approached by missionary Father Dowling to help establish a railway from Mombasa to Uganda. Enlisting the help of big game hunter Alan Tanner and dedicated doctor Elizabeth Martin, they set off across the wilds of Kenya, encountering wild animals and ruthless slave traders.

This barely seen African-set action movie captures the 1950s British Empire in its final days of imperial adventure with gripping scenes of attacking beasts and captivating African and Indian music and dance. Little known director Brendan J. Stafford was also the film's cinematographer, capturing exquisite images of Kenya's landscapes and culture.