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Like You Mean It 15 rating

Writer-director Philipp Garner also stars in this refreshing gay drama, a portrait of a couple trying to make it work in the film world of Los Angeles.

Drama 2016 90 mins

Director: Philipp Karner


Writer-director Philipp Garner plays self-obsessed LA actor Mark, the partner of endlessly patient and lovable musician Jonah. With his acting career in decline and the temptation of casual sex all around, their future together looks uncertain. Attempts to recapture the magic with therapy, sex and ecstasy produce varying degrees of success. But are these just short-term solutions?

Capturing the urgency of personal crises and a failing relationship, Garner effectively contrasts Mark’s current situation with flashbacks to the early days of their blossoming romance. With the two leads wholly believable – at times the drama feels uncomfortably real – Like You Mean It is a refreshing look beyond the early stages of sexual attraction, demonstrating that it’s not always easy working at a relationship.