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Here Before 15 rating

A bereaved mother (Andrea Riseborough) grows ominously close to her neighbours’ young daughter, in Stacey Gregg’s Northern Irish psychological horror.

Drama 2021 82 mins

Director: Stacey Gregg



When a new family moves in next door to Laura (Andrea Riseborough), she is immediately captivated by their young daughter, Megan (newcomer Niamh Dornan), who reminds her of her own child who died in an accident years before. Disturbed by the girl’s uncanny remarks and a haunting presence that suggest a bond that goes deeper than their address, Laura struggles to keep a grip on reality whilst at the same time desperately clinging to evidence of the supernatural.

A psychological thriller threaded with horror, Stacey Gregg’s genre-twisting feature debut is a gripping reflection of grief, loss and love.