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Gente de bien 12 rating

A ten-year-old is packed off to live with his down-at-heel father in this touching, exquisitely observed Colombian drama.

Drama 2014 86 mins

Director: Franco Lolli


Franco Lolli’s touching, exquisitely observed drama follows the fortunes of ten-year-old Eric, who along with his dog Lupe is packed off to stay with his estranged father, Gabriel. Living in a noisy boarding house in a rough and ready quarter of Bógota, Gabriel struggles to make ends meet. However, Eric sees a different side to the city when he is taken to the home of one of Gabriel’s wealthier clients. But her altruism tests the father-son relationship in a series of unforeseen ways.

With a memorable central performance by newcomer Brayan Santamaria as the angry, disorientated but hilariously funny Eric, Franco Lolli’s impressive debut demonstrates an assured grasp of storytelling, employing the power of suggestion, along with a great soundtrack, to present a beautifully observed social drama that explores notions of class in contemporary society. Nominated for Critics Week Grand Prize and Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival 2014.