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From Stags to Stardust 18 rating

Splendid 1970s striptease documentary starring Ivor Dickier, one-time Mr England runner-up

Documentary 1977 43 mins

Director: James C. Katz


Striptease artistes of both sexes, club owners and newspaper Agony Aunt Anna Raeburn speak about the allure of striptease in this entertaining documentary shot at a range of clubs and nightspots around the country from Gateshead to Soho. Outside the clubs, members of the public air their views on the street. "I think innately most women have a desire to strip", suggests one chirpy chappie in an anorak.

Feast your eyes, folks, on Ivor Dickie - who once came second in the Mr England contest - as he strips to The Wurzels’ I Am A Cider Drinker, while a roomful of women scream "Off! Off! Off!" It's quite a sight. "Me wig goes off…everything goes off," he notes.