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Fan Fever

Straight from the earliest days of teenage pop-star adulation, an eye-opening investigation into the strange and startling world of obsessional fans.

1956 22 mins

Director: Peter Morley


An unflinching gawp into the weird world of pop star fan worship – circa 1956. Pipe-smoking balladeer Dennis Lotis discusses the naughty girls who dragged him off stage and stole his shoes, socks and handkerchief, songstress Alma Cogan dishes out autographs to her adoring throng, and devoted teens, sporting specially-knitted fan club jumpers, salute the ‘Nabob of Sob’, crooner Johnnie Ray.

Amidst the multitude of pop culture riches crammed into this fascinating television documentary is a rare glimpse of legendary eccentric music producer Joe Meek behind the sound desk at the IBC recording studio.