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Daniel Farson interviews people affected by epilepsy and discusses the social stigma attached to the condition.

Documentary 1958 14 mins Not rated

Director: Rollo Gamble



This TV report addresses the stigma surrounding epilepsy, a condition that is caused by a burst of electrical activity in the brain. Daniel Farson speaks to three people who have dealt with the ignorance and resulting fear of epilepsy. A representative from The British Association of Epilepsy also gives advice about how to treat people having seizures. While there is now widespread knowledge of epilepsy, this programme sought to raise awareness about one of the most common neurological conditions, which at this time was often shrouded in secrecy.

The British Association of Epilepsy, which was founded in 1950, is now known as Epilepsy Action. This documentary is part of a series Daniel Farson presented for Associated-Rediffusion called People in Trouble. The series also featured episodes on unmarried mothers, interracial marriages and mental illness.