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England Is Mine 15 rating

A deeply insecure young Morrissey dreams of escaping drudgery but seeks the confidence to bloom, in this captivating account of The Smiths' genesis.

Biopic 2017 94 mins

Director: Mark Gill



Steven Patrick Morrissey (Jack Lowden) wants to write and sing. But as a young man, his voice goes no further than the NME letters page and his dead-end office walls. When the punk scene explodes, Steven discovers there's more to life than dark satanic mills. With the help of strong women, the young Morrissey embarks on a journey to become himself in a world that's trying to make him like everybody else.

Mark Gill takes an unexpected approach to his elusive quarry, focusing entirely on the period before The Smiths' formation. But the film's pinpoint evocation of mid '70s Manchester (including such pivotal events as the Sex Pistols' legendary show as the Lesser Free Trade Hall), and its fascinating characterisation of Morrissey as deeply insecure and self-doubting, distinguish it as a worthy successor to the great Manchester biopics, Control and 24 Hour Party People.