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Diary of a Mad Housewife 15 rating

Frank Perry's biting '70s satire about a smart, affluent homemaker hideously mistreated by chauvinists, stars a Golden Globe-winning Carrie Snodgress and Frank Langella in his film debut.

Drama 1970 95 mins

Director: Frank Perry


Featuring Carrie Snodgress’ Golden Globe-winning performance and Frank Langella’s film debut, Diary of a Mad Housewife is a sharp, angry and hilarious satire of domesticity and sexism. Manhattanite Tina (Snodgress), tired of her insufferable husband’s (Richard Benjamin) cruel barbs and relentless social-climbing, embarks on an affair with famous writer George (Langella). With insight into the misogynist hypocrisy of the American middle-class and a sympathetic, nuanced lead performance, the film is an engaging and enraging comedy-drama.

Musician Neil Young was particularly enamoured. His 1972 song 'A Man Needs a Maid' was a tribute to it: "I was watching a movie with a friend/I fell in love with the actress/she was playing a part I could understand." After Young saw the film in 1970, he and Snodgress began a relationship that lasted until 1975.