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Brotherhood 15 rating

A decade after the release of Adulthood, Sam (Noel Clarke) is trying to keep his family safe while simmering old grudges threaten to resurface.

Crime 2016 104 mins

Director: Noel Clarke



A decade after the release of Adulthood, Noel Clarke presents the concluding story of his hugely influential West London crime trilogy. Many years after his release from prison (for the murder of Trife), Sam (Clarke) is older, wiser and dedicated to his loyal partner Kayla (Shanika Warren-Markland) and their young child. But the ‘hood never forgets, and after all these years the simmering old grudges still follow him around, while newcomers such as the psychotic Hugs (Leeshon Alexander) have arrived on the scene, determined to stake their claim to the territory. Sensing a threat to his family and all he holds dear, Sam decides to build a new set of alliances in order to confront his enemies once and for all.

The long awaited final instalment of Clarke’s ‘Hood trilogy, following in the wake of a slew of pale imitations and parodies, was significant hit at the box office in 2016, proving that the writer-director-star stills calls the shots in the genre he initiated with Kidulthood and reaffirming his status as a key chronicler of British urban life. This concluding chapter is as gritty, exciting and authentic as its forbears, but this time Clarke directs with a focused maturity that results in a rewarding and memorable culmination.