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Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) 18 rating

High-school students start a private orgy society in Eva Husson’s dazzlingly shot, no-holds-barred drama.

Drama 2015 94 mins

Director: Eva Husson


Eva Husson’s intense, confident debut feature follows the fortunes of a group of Biarritz high-school students after they start a private orgy society. The teens seem to have created their own earthly paradise of total liberation, but matters soon prove more complex. Dazzlingly shot and the work of a true stylist, Bang Gang on one level resembles a French version of Larry Clark’s Kids, but with a specifically female point of view and updated for the age of internet sex and revenge porn.

The young cast of newcomers is deeply impressive, and not just for their no-holds-barred courage. At once celebratory, libidinously lawless and with an edge of sober social critique, Bang Gang is one of the most striking French debuts in ages – and is certainly one of the most controversial.