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Assault 15 rating

Violent British crime film about a murderer on the loose near a girls’ school, starring Suzy Kendall and Lesley Anne-Down.

Detective drama 1971 87 mins

Director: Sidney Hayers


Suzy Kendall and Lesley Anne-Down star in a brutal British crime thriller about a vicious rapist-murderer is on the prowl near an all-girls school. A young teacher who glimpsed the killer but was unable to identify him decides to act as bait to lure the fiend out from the shadows.

Also known as In The Devil’s Garden and Satan’s Playthings, this film is sometimes referred to as a British giallo, along the lines of the predominantly Italian genre then rising in popularity throughout Europe. (Star Suzy Kendall had earlier appeared in Dario Argento’s The Bird With the Crystal Plumage.)