The Camera is Ours: Britain's Women Documentary Makers

Contemporary women documentarians tell a vibrant story.

A selection of contemporary features that are at the heart of the BFI’s project to raise the visibility of the women who’ve been making documentaries for almost 100 years. These are works that reveal the impact of war on families, examine housing conditions, expose barriers against inclusive societies: both then and now there are women on the frontline, telling stories.

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I Am BelmayaI Am Belmaya

Documentary202181 minsDirector: Sue Carpenter

An inspirational story of rebellion, courage and hope as Belmaya, a young Dalit woman in Nepal, silenced and subjugated for most of her life, takes up the movie camera to tell her story.

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Independent Miss CraigieIndependent Miss Craigie

Drama-documentary202092 minsDirector: Lizzie Thynne

Filmmaker Lizzie Thynne tells the story of director Jill Craigie's (1911-99) remarkable career, drawing on her own words and extensive clips from her work.

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Fadia's TreeFadia's Tree

Documentary202182 minsDirector: Sarah Beddington

This striking documentary follows a Palestinian woman living in a refugee camp in Lebanon and her ambition to reconnect with her ancestral homeland.

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Documentary201498 minsDirector: Kim Longinotto

Kim Longinotto’s inspirational documentary about Brenda, a Chicagoan charity worker who helps vulnerable prostitutes leave the industry.

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Love Is AllLove Is All

Documentary201474 minsDirector: Kim Longinotto

A hundred years of love and courtship on the silver screen, with music created by celebrated Sheffield singer-songwriter-producer Richard Hawley.

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From the Sea to the Land BeyondFrom the Sea to the Land Beyond

Documentary201273 minsDirector: Penny Woolcock

This fascinating and moving film by award-winning director Penny Woolcock is a lyrical portrait of Britain's coastline which features a score by British Sea Power.

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Grace Jones: Bloodlight and BamiGrace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Documentary2017115 minsDirector: Sophie Fiennes

Grace Jones is laid bare in this intimate and electrifying insight into the fascinating world of a pop-cultural phenomenon.

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Heart of the AngelHeart of the Angel

Documentary198940 minsDirector: Molly Dineen

Molly Dineen’s wry, humorous and sometimes touching look at the trials faced by the staff and passengers of London’s dishearteningly dilapidated Angel tube station, before its modernisation.

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Power in Our HandsPower in Our Hands

Documentary201675 minsDirector: Angela Spielsinger

Ground-breaking documentary that uses archive film to tell the story of the British Deaf community’s fight for civil rights.

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Dark HorseDark Horse

Documentary201586 minsDirector: Louise Osmond

The inspirational, larger-than-life true story of how a group of friends in a poor mining village took on the elite 'sport of kings' and breed themselves a racehorse.

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Deep WaterDeep Water

Documentary200689 minsDirector: Louise Osmond and Jerry Rothwell

Riveting account of the disastrous attempt by novice sailor Donald Crowhurst to compete in a round-the-world, solo yachting race.

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Versus: The Life and Films of Ken LoachVersus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach

Documentary201694 minsDirector: Louise Osmond

Louise Osmond's funny, provocative and revealing account of the life and career of one of Britain’s most celebrated and controversial filmmakers.

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The Alcohol YearsThe Alcohol Years

Documentary200050 minsDirector: Carol Morley

Carol Morley's exploration of Manchester in the early 1980s, and the five years of her life she lost to alcoholism.

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Self MadeSelf Made

Documentary201184 minsDirector: Gillian Wearing

Artist Gillian Wearing’s ‘documentary’ observes seven people creating (fantasy?) identities in collaboration with a drama teacher. Raw and revealing.

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Almost HeavenAlmost Heaven

Documentary201772 minsDirector: Carol Salter

Carol Salter's award-winning portrait of a young Chinese woman training to become a mortician is a tender and reflective elegy on death and the fragility of life.

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Even When I FallEven When I Fall

Documentary201889 minsDirector: Sky Neal and Dara McLarnon

The inspiring and fascinating story of two child-trafficking survivors who form Nepal’s first and only circus; an ode to survival and the healing power of performance.

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Keyboard FantasiesKeyboard Fantasies

Documentary201960 minsDirector: Posy Dixon

After his 1986 album Keyboard Fantasies is rediscovered, a black trans musician recounts his life, from the lonely 1960s to the joy of witnessing the present.

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White RiotWhite Riot

Documentary201981 minsDirector: Rubika Shah

Revolution rock! Rubika Shah’s vital documentary profiles punky reggae protest movement Rock Against Racism, from grassroots beginnings through to a major multicultural event.

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