Stanley Kubrick

Dazzling, challenging and provocative works from one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Stanley Kubrick created a cinema that deftly balances potent sensorial experience with a deconstruction of established mechanics of storytelling, creating in his work a kind of absence or space that demands us, the audience, to participate and search for meaning. In doing so, he created work that stands up to multiple viewings. This is perhaps why he’s often considered  the most influential of all great auteurs

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The ShiningThe Shining

Horror1980144 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

Jack Nicholson revels in his terrifying performance as Jack Torrance, the would-be writer who becomes the minotaur trapped in Kubrick’s supernatural maze.

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Eyes Wide ShutEyes Wide Shut

Drama1999159 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick’s final film, released posthumously, is a precise portrayal of a fragile relationship, played out by then-couple Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

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Barry LyndonBarry Lyndon

Period drama1975185 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick charts the rise and fall of an 18th-century charlatan as an acerbic study of self-destruction amid social ritual.

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2001: A Space Odyssey2001: A Space Odyssey

Science Fiction1968149 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick took science fiction cinema in a grandly intelligent new direction with this epic story of man’s quest for knowledge.

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A Clockwork OrangeA Clockwork Orange

Crime1971137 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

Malcolm McDowell stars in Kubrick’s chilling, thrilling and unsettling cinematic vision of nihilistic violence and social control.

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Comedy1961153 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

With an Oscar®-nominated screenplay by Nabokov himself, Kubrick filmed a tale that was once thought unadaptable.

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Full Metal JacketFull Metal Jacket

War1987117 minsDirector: Stanley Kubrick

Recruits move from the brutal US Marine training bootcamp – into the nightmare of war.