Powell + Pressburger

Powell and Pressburger produced a body of work at once daringly subversive, breathtakingly inventive and passionately romantic.

Hailed as quintessentially British, Powell and Pressburger’s often-controversial films in fact emerged from the creative energy sparked when ‘Man of Kent’ Michael Powell combined his dynamic direction with the elegant, incisive writing of Emeric Pressburger, a Jewish Hungarian emigré. And that cross-border collaboration flowed throughout their productions. The Archers was made up of creatives from across Europe – their collective talents taking flight on Powell and Pressburger’s productions. This major BFI season marks the most extensive celebration of their work ever undertaken. It includes new BFI restorations, remasters of Powell’s early films, titles Pressburger wrote for others and a major exhibition drawn from the collections of the BFI National Archive. The programme is presented across the UK with the BFI Film Audience Network and on BFI Player.

- James Bell, Senior Curator of Fiction, BFI National Archive

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Black NarcissusBlack Narcissus

Drama1947101 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Tensions grow when a group of nuns open a convent in the Himalayas in Powell and Pressburger’s remarkable melodrama, starring Deborah Kerr.

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I Know Where I'm Going!I Know Where I'm Going!

Drama194590 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Powell and Pressburger’s heady romantic masterpiece has never looked or sounded finer than in this revelatory restoration from the BFI National Archive.

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A Canterbury TaleA Canterbury Tale

War1944125 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Powell and Pressburger's most personal film combines a Chaucer-inspired pilgrimage with a war-time celebration of English landscape and values to create a gem of British cinema.

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The Life and Death of Colonel BlimpThe Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

War1943164 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Powell and Pressburger’s masterpiece follows the rise and fall of a career soldier, from dashing and brave young officer in the Boer War to a pompous and old-fashioned Colonel by the time of World War Two.

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The Spy in BlackThe Spy in Black

War193979 minsDirector: Michael Powell

A masterful thriller with true flair, The Spy In Black has a much larger importance: it threw Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger together for the first time.

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The Small Back RoomThe Small Back Room

Thriller1949103 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

An embittered bomb disposal expert is driven to drink in Powell and Pressburger’s compelling insight into the mental anguish of the alcoholic.

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Oh... Rosalinda!!Oh... Rosalinda!!

Musical195699 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Like the gloriously camp, all-singing, all-dancing cousin of The Third Man, the Archers’ take on Strauss’s operetta of infidelity is as frothy as the champagne it celebrates.

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They're a Weird MobThey're a Weird Mob

Comedy1966107 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Powell and Pressburger head to Australia to adapt local author John O’Grady’s popular novel about a newly arrived Italian labourer’s culture clash with the Aussie way of life.

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Miracle in SohoMiracle in Soho

Drama195788 minsDirector: Julian Amyes

The arrival of road menders stirs up tensions in a vibrant cosmopolitan London street, in Emeric Pressburger’s first post-Archers script.

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The End of the RiverThe End of the River

Drama194780 minsDirector: Derek Twist

A native Brazilian whose fate led him from his jungle village to a murder trial makes a plea for clemency.

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The Silver FleetThe Silver Fleet

War194385 minsDirector: Gordon Wellesley and Vernon Sewell

A Dutch shipbuilder fakes collaboration with the Germans to hide his patriotic activities, in this Powell and Pressburger-produced followup to ...One of our Aircraft is Missing.

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49th Parallel49th Parallel

Government sponsored film1941122 minsDirector: Michael Powell

A stranded U-boat crew navigate a hostile Canada in this propaganda odyssey starring Laurence Olivier.

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