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Untitled FilmUntitled Film

Animation & Artists Moving Image19649 minsDirector: David Gladwell

Slow motion black and white experimental short film in which a series of concurrent actions and movements are drawn together.

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Fat Man on a BeachFat Man on a Beach

Documentary197441 minsDirector: Michael Bakewell

A simple brief - for the influential writer and filmmaker BS Johnson to talk direct to camera - yielded one of the most extraordinary works of 1970s British television.

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Drama196611 minsDirector: Norman J. Warren

Norman J. Warren's short film tells the story of a young woman's desperation after a brief love affair ends in bitter disappointment.

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Her Private HellHer Private Hell

Drama196780 minsDirector: Norman J. Warren

The cautionary tale of an innocent girl abroad who gets caught up in the sleazy world of modelling.

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Government sponsored film197655 minsDirector: John Krish

H.M.P. is a compelling and humane recruitment film made for the prison services and the COI. It is directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker John Krish.

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London in the RawLondon in the Raw

Documentary196447 minsDirector: Arnold Louis Miller

Low-budget movie mogul Arnold Louis Miller concocted this exploitation-style documentary which peers behind the grimy net curtains of British life.

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Lunch HourLunch Hour

Drama196263 minsSilentDirector: James Hill

Shirley Anne Field stars in this stylish, highly enjoyable story of simmering tensions and sexual conflict in the work place.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19711 minsDirector: B.S. Johnson

A poignant short film set to the fourth part of Samuel Beckett's Quatre Poèmes, as narrated by frequent BS Johnson collaborator William Hoyland.

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Primitive LondonPrimitive London

Documentary196587 minsDirector: Arnold Louis Miller

Arnold Louis Miller's follow-up to London in the Raw lifts the lid on society’s decay with its sideshow spectacle of 60s London depravity.

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Seven Green BottlesSeven Green Bottles

Public Information Filler197534 minsDirector: Eric Marquis

Warning film about seven young delinquents, played by non-professional actors, who commit a series of offences, increasing in severity.

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The MeetingThe Meeting

Animation & Artists Moving Image196510 minsSilentDirector: Mamoun Hassan

A brief encounter between a woman and a man on a train.

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The Pleasure GirlsThe Pleasure Girls

Drama196585 minsSilentDirector: Gerry O'Hara

A trio of models enjoy a weekend of parties, blossoming friendships, and romantic encounters in London. Starring Ian McShane and Klaus Kinski.

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Campaigning film19708 minsDirector: B.S. Johnson

Directed by B.S. Johnson, this trade union short depicts an argument between a worker and his employer.

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Up Yours Too Guillaume Apollinaire!Up Yours Too Guillaume Apollinaire!

Animation & Artists Moving Image19682 minsSilentDirector: B.S. Johnson

Invited to imagine how Apollinaire would have worked with modern technology, writer/director B.S. Johnson turned John Furse's drawings into an animation that is equally elegant, explicit, surreal and hilarious.