British Sci-Fi

The British can pick and mix their paranoia. In a nation where plague, invasion and tyranny are a constant murmur, science fiction is made with conviction.
The first story - A Message From Mars (1913) – addressed porous borders. One hundred years later, an alien Johannsson wanders Glasgow, stripping victims from their skin. Between them lay a century of invention and ambition, of intent and excess, the milestones of which are collected here.
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Under the SkinUnder the Skin

Horror2014108 minsDirector: Jonathan Glazer

An alien Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s astonishing, mind-bending mixture of existential sci-fi and inner-city realism.

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Attack the BlockAttack the Block

Crime201188 minsDirector: Joe Cornish

Aliens wage war on a tower block after one of their number is bludgeoned by a street gang in this witty, action-packed feature debut by Joe Cornish.

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Friendship's DeathFriendship's Death

Science Fiction198772 minsDirector: Peter Wollen

Tilda Swinton plays an extra-terrestrial android discussing life’s big questions with a British war correspondent in this unique sci-fi by influential film theorist Peter Wollen.

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Memoirs of a SurvivorMemoirs of a Survivor

Science Fiction1981111 minsDirector: David Gladwell

Julie Christie stars in an award-winning adaptation of Doris Lessing's famous dystopian novel.

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Flash GordonFlash Gordon

Science Fiction1980112 minsDirector: Mike Hodges

Sam J. Jones stars as the quintessential comic strip hero, out to save the Earth from Ming the Merciless, in Mike Hodges’ visually ravishing sci-fi.

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The Man Who Fell to EarthThe Man Who Fell to Earth

Science Fiction1976139 minsDirector: Nicolas Roeg

Nicolas Roeg’s cult sci-fi stars David Bowie as an alien attempting to amass a fortune to save his home planet, but unable to escape his decadent earthly lifestyle.

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The Final ProgrammeThe Final Programme

Science Fiction197386 minsDirector: Robert Fuest

Wild adaptation of Michael Moorcock's novel about a playboy's search for the lost designs of the perfect self-replicating human.

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Fahrenheit 451Fahrenheit 451

Science Fiction1966112 minsDirector: François Truffaut

In the near future books are banned and reading is outlawed, forcing rebels to commit literary classics to memory.

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Unearthly StrangerUnearthly Stranger

Science Fiction196379 minsDirector: John Krish

A scientist is removed from a sensitive research project after his wife is suspected of being an alien, in this eerie sci-fi from director John Krish.

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X the UnknownX the Unknown

Horror195679 minsDirector: Leslie Norman

When investigating a radiation source on a desolate Scottish moor, a group of soldiers disturb a subterraneous radioactive entity.

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Supersonic SaucerSupersonic Saucer

Children's195651 minsDirector: Guy Fergusson

A baby from Venus saves the day with his superpowers in this charming sci-fi tale produced by the Children's Film Foundation.