Alfred Hitchcock

Bathed in blood and often shaded in blonde, the work of our most revered director is vivid proof of how film can awe.

Injustice, identity, sex and death are frequent themes of this collection, storytelling experiments which became exemplars. They include Psycho, The Birds, Marnie and the film which topped Sight & Sound's 50 Greatest Films of All Time: Vertigo.

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Thriller1958128 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s timeless thriller about a former detective with a fear of heights who is hired to follow a woman who seems possessed by the past.

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North by NorthwestNorth by Northwest

Thriller1959136 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

In Hitchcock’s iconic thriller, Cary Grant plays a man forced on the run across the US.

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Police drama1972116 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock returned to London for was his penultimate film, a brutal serial killer drama that proved the veteran still had the edge.

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Horror1960109 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Blood! Blood! Hitchcock’s masterpiece was his most successful film; a sensation in its time that continues to terrify.

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Documentary201580 minsDirector: Kent Jones

Kent Jones’ excellent documentary about a historic encounter between two cinema greats.

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Documentary201792 minsDirector: Alexandre O. Philippe

This superb, in-depth documentary devotes 90 minutes to analysing one of cinema’s most famous sequences – the shower scene in Psycho.

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The BirdsThe Birds

Horror1963119 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Birds inexplicably turn against man and begin attacking the small community of Bodega Bay, in Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense classic.

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Crime1964130 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Sean Connery stars as the man who marries a kleptomaniac who has some strange psychological problems, played by Tippi Hedren.

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Shadow of a DoubtShadow of a Doubt

Drama1943108 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s personal favourite from his own films is a brilliantly suspenseful drama about a teenage girl whose uncle may be a murderer.

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Rear WindowRear Window

Thriller1954112 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterly thriller stars James Stewart as an invalided photographer who spots something fishy outside his rear window.

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The Trouble with HarryThe Trouble with Harry

Comedy195499 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s black comedy about four village residents trying to work out what to do with a dead body.

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Crime194881 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s stage adaptation about two murderers who hide a body during a dinner party is famously constructed from 10 unbroken ten-minute takes.

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Torn CurtainTorn Curtain

1966128 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

Paul Newman stars in Hitchcock’s spy thriller, as a scientist who pretends to defect to East Germany in order to steal a secret formula.

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War1942109 minsDirector: Alfred Hitchcock

A factory worker is framed for sabotage and forced on the run in Hitchcock’s fast-moving thriller, with its famous finale atop the Statue of Liberty.