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Yorkshire. Richmond Historical Pageant

Druids, Romans and Norman knights return to Richmond for the 600th anniversary of the Yorkshire town's charter.

Non-Fiction 1929 1 mins


The North Yorkshire town of Richmond sees Druids, chariot-riding Roman legionnaires, Christian maidens and Norman knights brought back to life in a magnificent pageant to celebrate the 600th anniversary of its charter, granted in 1329 by Edward III. Produced by one Mr Avalon Collard, the theatrics involved 500 local people from Richmond and nearby Swaledale. The festivities culminated with an ox roasting in the marketplace, and were "all very exhilarating", according to a report in the Yorkshire Post.

The newsreels made a specialty of such calendar customs, but this item is unusually well shot, with a variety of different angles and close-up views of the action giving an engaging sense of the pageant's drama.