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World's Cheeriest Charity

Soccer silliness at West Ham courtesy of the 'Ancient Order of Froth Blowers' and pals - including music hall stars and the world's tallest woman.

Non-Fiction 1927 2 mins Silent


With a host of music hall stars, the world's tallest woman and a ball the size of an elephant, this is football but not as we know it. This silly soccer match was the brainwave of bonkers charity organisation the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers (standing out from the crowd with their giant beer tankards). The Froth Blowers clearly had some clout. The line-up boasts 'The Master' of English cricket Jack Hobbs, surgeon-to-the-King Sir Alfred Fripp and famous male impersonator Hetty King among other do-gooding celebrities.

The film's title echoes the nickname of the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers - the 'Cheeriest Order in the World'. This spoof Order was a philanthropic membership club, founded by ex-soldier Bert Temple and eminent surgeon Sir Alfred Fripp, in order to raise funds (through membership fees and events like this footie match) for children's charities. The comic capers seen here - including a ladies team pushing a giant football around the muddy pitch - were ideal fodder for newsreel Topical Budget, which typically sought out high-profile sporting contests, sportswomen, charity antics and general cheeriness.