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Who Voted for This? - The Nationalisation of Coal (1)

Gender stereotypes alert! Bert insists he knows what he’s doing - with predictable results, as far as his wife is concerned

Campaigning film 1948 1 mins


When there’s trouble on the domestic hearth lighting the coal fire, Joe comes to the defence of his pal Bert and blames the nationalisation of the coal industry. He pronounces “It isn’t coal at all, it’s a lot of slate and rock, but what can you expect now that it’s been nationalised?”

This is one of a series of Conservative Party films denouncing the nationalisation policy of the Labour government. “Nationalisation? National frustration” is a recurring line in the films, along with “Sack the Socialists! And set the people free.” The coal industry had been nationalised in 1947 with the establishment of the National Coal Board.