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West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Follow John Betjeman into some of West Wycombe's darkest recesses... if you dare.

Travelogue 1955 3 mins


The legendary Knights of St Francis of Wycombe, better known as the Hellfire Club, are the focus of this edition of the 26-part Discovering Britain with John Betjeman series. The intrepid journalist, poet and broadcaster ventures deep into the Chiltern Hills to evoke the ghosts of satanic monks. Follow him if you dare...

This series was a development of the alliance between Betjeman and oil giant Shell, begun in the 30s when Betjeman was commissioned to edit a set of guide books to the British Isles, the infamous Shell Guides. Its underlying remit was to encourage car-owning viewers to fill their tanks with petrol and visit whichever historical landmark most tickled their fancy.