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West Ham Centenary

Enthusiastic local filmmaker captures the highlights of West Ham's Centenary celebrations, such as the gymkhana and Centenary bus launch.

Amateur film 1986 6 mins

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Produced by a keen East Ham and Newham Council filmmaker, local Councillor and later Leader of the Council, this film showcases various local activities held to celebrate West Ham's Centenary since being incorporated as a County Borough. First, a group of onlookers gathers at West Ham garage to watch the launch of a special Centenary bus, a Leyland Titan. The camera then turns to a colourful, sunlit gymkhana, with the Mayor posing with riders and handing out awards.

Although West Ham garage closed in 1992, part of the garage offices remain under a preservation order. The housing built on the site is in Routemaster Close. This film is from the collection of Newham Local History Resource Centre.