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Ward’s Shoes: Sealed Leather Soles for Men

The Ward's sealed leather shoe: tough enough for any building site.

Advert 1968 1 mins

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The dynamic high-achieving architect shown in this 1960s television commercial may have a pipe, a glamorous Ford Mustang and a pair of brand new Ward's shoes but why does he walk over his pristine carpet straight from the muddy building site? His sealed leather soles ,from one of the East Midlands' many thriving shoe firms, may be keeping his feet dry but he's taking a big risk with that expanse of freshly laid wall-to-wall.

George Ward Ltd manufactured shoes at a factory at Barwell in Leicestershire from 1900 until 1989. George Ward (1871-1951) who founded the firm was a local councillor and the Liberal MP for Bosworth for a brief period in the 1920s.