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War Rationing Milk

Forthright reminder that children's milk rations are for their wellbeing, not the whole family's.

Public Information Filler 1941 Silent


Don't be a milk snatcher! A stern admonishment not to keep rationed milk from children is the message of this short but persuasive information film, in which young Jimmy cheekily peels back the foil from the bottle and sticks his tongue out in anticipation. Sharing limited supplies and enduring hardships together was part of the wartime spirit, and most families needed little telling to put their children's health first. The small boy's beaming, cherubic face speaks for itself.

Wartime food rationing, introduced in January 1940, took into account the particular needs of the young, pregnant and sick. Children received half portions of meat and no tea, but extra milk - the source of Jimmy's excitement - amounting to three and a half pints a week for children in school and seven pints for those under five. Even small children were issued with their own ration books, like the one seen here.