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Unguarded Moment

The perils of Britain's roads are seen in this chilling 1951 film as the carelessness of Johnny, Fred and Mary results in disaster and death!

Public Information Filler 1951 6 mins

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Johnny, Fred and Mary all work at the same factory. At 'clocking-off time' all three hurry home; Johnny by motorcycle, Fred by public tram and Mary on a bicycle with a flat tyre. All three are then seen reading local papers when the commentator points them to stories about the fatal accidents they might have had because of their inattention to road safety. All three are seen lying, mortally wounded, under various vehicles as a consequence of their foolish haste to get home.

The Blackheath Film Unit was based in Leatherhead, Surrey. It specialised in producing educational, scientific, industrial and public relations films. Amongst these were a number of road safety films including 'Unguarded Moment'.