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These Are the Hands

Beautiful NHS fundraiser, setting Michael Rosen’s poem to powerful archive images.

Charity appeal 2020 2 mins


In this powerful and heart-warming fundraiser for NHS Charities Together, Iain Glen’s fine reading of Michael Rosen’s poem These Are the Hands is set to archive footage of the NHS from 1948 onwards, and images of NHS staff on the Coronavirus frontline in 2020. Beautifully put together, the film is a co-production of the BFI and the Event and Visual Communications Association (EVCOM), a body to which producers of public, corporate and third sector video belong – including many who make films for the modern NHS.

The archive clips come from the BFI National Archive and the East Anglian Film Archive. A full list of the films used appears at the end of the film – and all of these films are available to watch in full on BFI Player.