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The Wharfedale Scene

With the so-called ‘winter of discontent’ on the horizon, here we have summer contentment generated by the serenity and simple life of ‘God’s own county’.

Home movie 1977 15 mins

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Leeds amateur filmmaker Ken Leckenby provides a perfect illustration of why the Yorkshire Dales is justly famous for its rolling hills and often stark beauty. All is peaceful in the villages of Wharfedale, as if the manic decade of the 1970s – of strikes, Ziggy Stardust and punk – had passed them all by. A place to go away from the madding crowd: to stroll by the river or ramble over Brimham Rocks.

Although Ken Leckenby made films as a member of the Mercury Movie Makers Cine Club of Leeds, he also made many films of his own, including a series of films he titled ‘Out and About’, documenting local events. But he also made a number of documentary type films similar to this one, extolling the virtues of Yorkshire. Usually Ken would provide an informative commentary to go with the film. Ken would go out most weekends filming these, from the 1960s through to the 1980s. This film uses Alan Sidi’s innovative cine-synch sound.