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The Scarecrow

A tramp steals the clothes from a scarecrow, but when he realises two couples are using its pockets to pass messages, he sees an opportunity.

Comedy 1916 12 mins


Two couples exchange secret messages using the same scarecrow's pockets - what could possibly go wrong? The arrival of mischievous tramp Weary Willie, for one thing... This nicely tinted rural comedy seems to be a 1916 production of Bamforth's of Holmfirth, although the synopsis doesn't quite match the one advertised. Weary Willie (not to be confused with the 1930s American character created by Emmett Kelly) originated as a strip cartoon and appeared in some of Bamforth's earliest films.

It's especially nice to see a complete film from this period including the final close-up or 'emblematic shot' of the protagonist.