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The Photograph

Penny is experiencing post-millennium angst in Manchester. She is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Overweight and on the edge, an ordinary visit to the doctor becomes extraordinary.

Drama 2021 9 mins Not rated


The Photograph is based on the true story of a close friend - Penny. (Penny Howle- who went onto become a successful photographer for the band Coldplay.) Penny is having a mental breakdown, exacerbated by the Covid crisis, and is attempting to access help. The film focuses in at this point of her breakdown, when Penny is at an emotional crisis. Her condition is brought into sharp focus by her retreat into her Junior School class photograph. Through the constant haze of spliff smoke and a meandering mind, Penny's philosophy on life is challenged by an ordinary visit to her GP. The past and present blend. Situations are stripped of their superficiality. Has Penny gone mad? Or has the world? Or both?