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The Olympic Games in Paris 1924

The real Chariots of Fire heroes feature in this comprehensive look at the 1924 Olympic Games.

Sport 1924 91 mins Silent


Paris 1924, the Chariots of Fire Olympics, and this sporting extravaganza has it all - from the excitement of the opening ceremony to some spectacular slow-motion gymnastics and a highly controversial (and violent) rugby final, in which the USA took gold against France. British interest is focused on the two stars whose achievements were immortalised in Chariots of Fire: Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell.

Along with Abrahams and Liddell's record-breaking victories, we see those of their team mates, and much more. There's the marathon, swimming, diving, sailing, football and even some moments from the first ever Winter Olympics, held the same year in Chamonix. The daring and determination of the athletes is clear - several of the events result in broken legs.