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"There's more to ploughing than whistling". Salopian Engineers show the world how to make the finest ploughs and muck spreaders.

Promotional 15 mins

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In this promotional film Salopian Engineers of Prees in Shropshire demonstrate how even the most utilitarian items on the farm need to be carefully engineered. From wheel barrows to heavy duty disc ploughs and drinking bowls for cattle to the far from glamorous muck spreader; Salopian produce the lot. As they put it: "Feed the land and you feed the people". Which is what they are shown doing at the end of the film, although their canteen does look a bit over crowded!

Salopian Engineers were part of the Owen Organisation whom at that time described themselves as a linked family of more than fifty companies. Their main factory was the Rubery Owen works at Darlaston, which features in this film in the sequence showing the pressing of plough discs.