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The Magician

Alakazam! The fuel demon conjures up some fuel-saving tips for a wasteful family to help the war effort

Public Information Filler 1942 1 mins


Put that light out! And while you're at it, go easy on the coal and turn down the cooker. The fuel demon in this wartime public information short might be more smoke and mirrors than fire and brimstone, but his message is clear enough. The special effects are limited, but contrasting examples of energy wastage in the home with trick photography of factories and trains slowing down is effective.

The film was produced at Paul Rotha Productions by Bridget "Budge" Cooper, one of a number of women working in the British Documentary Movement. The question does remain why this mystical figure doesn't use his powers to stop the war altogether, rather than pick on one family's fuel habits - but the message seems to have been considered effective.