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The Introduction of the InterCity 125 to Truro

The Introduction of the InterCity 125 to Truro

The Mayor of Truro John Farndon at the launch of British Rail’s new InterCity 125 high-speed train

News 1980 1 mins

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Truro Mayor John Farndon examines British Rail's InterCity 125. The high-speed diesel is designed by Kenneth Grange introduces high-speed travel when the Advanced Passenger Train technology encounters difficulties. The engine with its trademark streamlined front, as much for protection as aerodynamics, has a top speed of 125-148 mph making it the fastest diesel-powered train of a generation. By 1976 the first InterCity 125s are introduced.

A reproduction of Stephenson's Rocket is on hand too at the launch as a doff to another train which revolutionised travel. The early steam locomotive was designed by father and son, George and Robert with Henry Booth and built for the Rainhill Trials, which it won, held by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1829 with the purpose of serving the two cities. In the 1950s and early 60s the British Transport Commission wanted to modernise the network to compete with new motorways, speeding up inter-city travel.