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The Flip Side

A rave up, a ball, or just a plain old racket? The unseen side of the 1960s pop music business is revealed.

Current affairs 1964 25 mins Silent


This ground-breaking World in Action documentary ventured behind the scenes to lay bare the music business just as the beat boom exploded. Featuring fab sounds and revelations from industry insiders, this is essential viewing for all 60s pop fans. Look out for rare interview footage of legendary eccentric independent producer Joe Meek, and poignant lamentations from faded stars Terry Dene and Ricky Valance.

Rolling Stones sound-alikes The Four Plus One - seen here visiting the hairdressers - only cut one single and it missed the charts altogether. But two of the band members - Keith West and Junior Wood- went on to greater success in the influential British psychedelia band Tomorrow.