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The Fifth Minute

Nightmarish visions become a reality in this imaginative production that mixes live action, animation, and special effects.

Amateur film 1976 9 mins

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The Fifth Minute' is the second episode of eight in the series 'Other Realms' by writer, director, animator Jon Coley. Coley was just 17 years old when he made this episode. These 'Other Realms' episodes are tales of strange happenings where the bizarre becomes commonplace, melding atmostpheric soundtracks, stop-motion animation, and sophisticated editing techniques.

Jon Coley became dedicated to his passion for filmmaking from a very early age, creating and self-financing many animation and live action productions. He took inspiration from the classic Universal horror movies of the 1920s, introduced to him by his grandmother who was a keen Boris Karloff fan. Coley also took inspiration from the German Expressionist movies of the 1920s and the work of fantasy animation pioneer Ray Harryhausen. In fact, Coley became great friends with Harryhausen, and the two would showcase work to each other.