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The Beatles at Ipswich Gaumont

This is one Halloween night that certainly was one big scream as the Fab Four played the Ipswich Gaumont (then Regent).

Amateur film 1964 2 mins Silent

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There's no sound on this film but you can imagine the screams of the hundreds of lovelorn teens as they see the Fab Four in the flesh. One lucky ticket holder, Ipswich resident George Mack, filmed some of the concert from the stalls not only capturing the Fab Four on camera but some of the support acts including Motown singer Mary Wells and Tommy Quickly with the Remo Four. Luckily George survived the crowds with his camera and footage to provide a unique record of Beatle history.

This was quite a coup for the Ipswich Gaumont (now Regent) as although the Beatles had played there the year before they were returning at a time when they were fresh from taking America by storm and at the height of their popularity. Local media reports say it certainly was 'A Hard Day's Night' for some as the tickets priced at fifteen shillings were in great demand with people queuing overnight and round the block. Playing twice in the same evening, the Beatles well and truly earned their reported fee of 850 pounds.