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Taunton Train Yard

British Rail Class 35 no. 7017 Diesel Engine and the locomotive Vulcan await their fate at Taunton Train Yard

News 1975 Silent

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The lightweight diesel locomotives with hydraulic transmission known as Hymeks were the choice of their day in 1955 under the British Railways Modernisation Plan. The Hymeks were given a more elaborate livery than many of the contemporary British Railways diesel classes but between 1971 and 1975 they were withdrawn from service among fears some diesels had been hastily rushed into service. The diesel engine quietly awaits its fate alongside a steam engine named Vulcan.

The W.G. Bagnall Victor/Vulcan/Valliant locomotives are used in industrial service from 1951 to 1973 at the Port Talbot site, the names a reference to the RAF V bombers then entering service. Replaced by diesels Victor 2996 and Vulcan 2994 go to Austin Motors at Longbridge before being bought by the heritage West Somerset Railway (WSR) where they return to service in 1976-7. They gain the nickname of Camel Class as the locomotives have a short wheelbase with long overhangs ensuring a less than smooth ride. D7017 is now operational after being fully restored its Brunswick Green colour, Vulcan went to the Stephenson Railway Museum and Victor to the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway.