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Swinton Conservative College

A new generation of the Conservative Party receive their political training in this unique insight into the prestigious Swinton College.

Sponsored film 1956 11 mins

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This informative promotional film gives privileged access to the Conservative Party’s strategy in training their young potential parliamentary candidates at Swinton College. The narrator consistently informs us that students are encouraged to participate in fiery debates and competitive sports at the college, but a strong feeling of camaraderie comes through in the images.

Swinton College served as the training base of future Conservative MPs and activists from 1948-1976. Philip Stott College and Bonar Law Memorial College proceeded Swinton as educational institutions for young Tories. Former Conservative prime ministers Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan, Edward Heath, and Margaret Thatcher were all involved with Swinton College. Since its closure as a political college, the estate has been transformed into a hotel.