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Stunt Sequences

Inspired by Patrick McGoohan’s ‘Danger Man’, 18 year old Jon Coley creates a showreel of cleverly choreographed stuntman action, 1974-1978.

Amateur film 1977 15 mins Silent

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At 18 years of age, young filmmaker Jon Coley dreamt of becoming a professional stuntman, inspired by the work of Dr Who legend Derek Ware. Jon enlisted the help of his younger cousin Andrew Lloyd and his friend Brian Harding to create this showreel produced in the late seventies. Jon can be seen here throwing himself out of windows, down stairways and embankments, performing gun chases, and even setting himself alight!

Despite (at this time) his non-professional status, Jon avoided injury by wearing National Hunt Rider-style padding. All sequences were carefully choreographed and completed with snappy editing, therefore the film showcases Coley's raw talent for both filmmaking and performing. Coley's mother, Shirley, fully supported her son's endeavours, often acting as cameraperson when called upon.