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Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles

Prepare to be freaked out big time by a thoroughly theatrical 1970s psych-prog-folk-rock fairy tale from English eccentrics Jethro Tull.

1973 7 mins


Go with the flow with this bewildering, beguiling, beautifully choreographed prog-folk-rock-fairy tale music film from Britain's most enduringly eccentric beat combo, Jethro Tull. Part pop-promo, part performance piece, this outstandingly odd visual feast seems to have been inspired by a mixture of Monty Python absurdism, children's literature and pagan ritual.

Featuring various giant animals prancing around a maypole, a pair of nimble ballet dancers and a loud-suited narrator who resembles Alan Whicker's more devilish older brother, the film was revealed to the delight and mystification of audiences on the band's 1973 tour. The audio was released the same year, on the album A Passion Play.