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Take a trip downriver side-by-side with a magnificent Victorian steamship, which dwarfs everything else on the water

Non-Fiction 1900 1 mins


No better way to look at a ship this large than getting on to the water - or watching this short film, which is the next best thing. Shot from a boat moving down what looks like the River Thames at Greenwich, it gives us the perfect view of this two-funnelled Victorian steamship. The sailors on board and the other boats on the river, including rowboats and a tug, provide a scale for its vast size. The wind ruffling the water and the ship's flags adds to the film's picturesque quality.

This film was made by the Warwick Trading Company, an early American film production outfit run from a London office. Warwick specialised in actuality and travel films, which were shot all over the world, as well as closer to home in the British capital.