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St Asaph v. Rhyl Jolly Boys

Jollyboys’ japes v St. Asaph’s antics – this is more foolin’ around than football!

Non-Fiction 1920 2 mins Silent

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As the title implies, the Welsh ‘sbort’ (fun) would be more fitting than ‘sport’ for what drives these hapless teams. The St. Asaph side lark about with caps, cups and jug of dubious content, and the Jollyboys’ secretary sets a similar tone for his side – one enjoying a fag. After brief seconds of the actual match, the younger ‘coming talent’ muscle in for yet more larks and an informal kickabout.

It is not certain whether these ‘Jollyboys’ were the group (or included individuals from the group) of males who constituted the ‘Jolly Boys’ concert or entertainment party in Rhyl around the same time as this match. J W Jones states in his book ‘Rhyl: the Town and its People’ (p33) that ‘By the summer of 1921 the old minstrel pitch had been concreted over and a new theatre “The Coliseum” built further along the promenade.... it was taken over by Billy Churchill who provided the entertainment there for some years under the title “The Jolly Boys”.....’.