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Splosh of SKribbleland

Splosh is brought to life for the children of Winsford.

News 1977 5 mins

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Reporter Mike Whitmarsh meets creator S. Kribbble and Splosh, who she found as a mouse-sized orange creature on Exmoor (Gus Honeybun fans take note). The cartoonist and gallery-owner in Winsford has made Splosh come alive and is hoping to encourage local children to take an interest in drawing cartoons. The visual artist has called her endeavour SKribbleland and exhibits her drawings which are based on the wildlife and animals of Exmoor.

Winsford is a village in Somerset situated in Exmoor National Park and near Dulverton which is known for its wool trade and textile mills. Labour politician and statesman Rt Hon Ernest Bevin was born and attended the village school here. Gus Honeybun is the TV mascot of Westward Television and Television South West who was found under a gorse bush on Dartmoor. He is a friendly, if not slightly outdated rabbit, who use to appear with continuity announcers. He made a brief comeback in 2017 and 2018 on a local newspaper’s Facebook live page and received over 10,000 views from all over the world! An animation of Gus also exists at the archive. It is not known if Splosh and Gus ever met, they were just moors apart.