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Something to Sing About

Converting dingy kitchens to jewels of brightness: Easiclene show the 1950s housewife how to escape grey austerity; aided by their 'charming' demonstrators.

Promotional 1959 15 mins

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Easiclene of Wolverhampton showcase their range of kitchen uints and white goods, from fridges to the ultra-modern dishwasher, in this typically bright and cheery promotional film. Ways to sell these kitchen marvels are demonstrated and include stacking the foyer of the local Odeon with fridges during a screening of 'The Long Hot Summer', to television 'admags' and an endorsement by celebrity cook Fanny Cradock.

Easiclene were part of the Darlaston based Owen Organisation, a family of more than fifty companies with products ranging from nuts and bolts to the BRM Grand Prix car.