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Somercotes Parish Church Sunday School Procession 1953

The Sunday school in their Sunday best taking their message into the community.

Home movie 1953 5 mins Silent

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It's Coronation year 1953 and at Somercotes in the Amber Valley district of Derbyshire a procession is leaving the parish church on Nottingham Road and winding its way into town. Marching proudly behind a band with the church choir leading the way we see the children of the Sunday school (in their best clothes of course) stopping for hymns while the collecting purse is passed around. It's a brief snapshot of British life that has since been consigned to history.

Sunday schools were once attended by millions of British children. A continuous decline was experienced throughout the twentieth century: in 1905 56% of all children attended Sunday School and by 2000 this number had dropped to 4%.