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Shorts of 1936

The year starts with the death of the King but life goes on for the Cox family and includes a singing dog and “sand frolics”.

Amateur film 1936 16 mins Silent

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Harold Cox records a year in the life of his family and friends who visit Wales and elsewhere, the inter-titles indicative of the shared personal history between the film-maker and his audience. Sandwiched between footage of London on the day of King George V’s funeral at the start of the year and a postman with a Christmas delivery at the end of the year, are a singing dog, tennis-on-a-string, disappearing acts (i.e. camera trickery) and “sand frolics”.

Harold Cox, of 'The Rowans', Jordan Road, Four Oaks, Warwickshire, is believed to have run a music business in Birmingham. He and his family and friends would holiday regularly in Dyffryn Ardudwy, staying in neighbouring bungalows (one named ‘Bodlondeb’) that Harold and his brother had had built in the village for their eventual retirement. Harold was renowned for his striking knitted garments, which he produced using a machine. The Coxes dog, Smut, which accompanied them on many a holiday, is seen running about and chasing golf balls.