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Shooting the Rapids on the River Ozu in Japan

A wild boat ride through the Hozu River’s white-water rapids, set against a beautifully coloured natural background.

Travelogue 1911 7 mins Silent


This is one of two films in our collection to feature a boat ride down the Hozu River in Kyoto. The letter H is omitted from the river’s name in the title; the sound was presumably not articulated by Pathé's French crew. With a full load of tourists, the boatmen deftly maneuver their wooden craft through the river’s swift currents. Bird’s-eye view shots situate those boats in the picturesque landscape of the ravines and riverbanks, colourised here in green and pink.

The Hozu River once served as a busy route for carrying wood and crops by boat, a role replaced in the mid-Meiji period by the railway. Pleasure cruises on the river started in 1885 and quickly became a prominent attraction, subsequently enticing a number of tourists, both domestic and foreign, to this exciting 16-kilometer downstream boat trip. (Kosuke Fujiki)